Dorsan X

An information broker with the 411 on the gangs in Seattle


A Stout Dwarf that is usually chomping on a cigar, Dorsan X can be found most nights in the Alki Tavern. His head is usually shaved and his blonde beard braided. He has a deep laugh and is usually good for a joke or two.


Dorsan X is a hard drinking Dwarf Info Broker who mows the players, the hatrs and the pretenders in the Seattle gang scene. He serves as a conduit through which many of the local gangs hire out their services. He is the dwarf to see for information on turf battles, who is making alliances, who is recruiting and any other area of gang intelligence.

He hangs out at the Alki Tavern where he is actually part owner. A left over from the days when he ran with a Dwarven go gang. He exited the life after his gang was betrayed and most of his brothers were killed. He is considered old school by most of the young gangers, but he has mad respect on the street after what he did to the guy and the corp that betrayed him and his brothers.

Dorsan X

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