Lolly LaRue

Eyecandy that can rip you up and sew you back together, if she feels like it.


Name: Lolly LaRue a.k.a Shangri-La
Metatype: Elf | Ethnicity: Scottish/French
Age: 29 | Sex: Female | Nuyen: 19550 | Lifestyle: Middle
Total Karma: 0 | Current Karma: 0 | Street Cred: 0 | Notoriety: 0
Height: 5’6” | Weight: 125lbs. | Eye: Gray | Hair: Red

Physical Attributes: Mental Attributes: Special Attributes:
Body: 2/6 Charisma: 7/8 Edge: 1/6 Current Edge Point: 1
Agility: 4/7 Intuition: 5/6 Essence: 6/6 Astral Init: 12
Reaction: 3/6 Logic: 5/6 Initiative: 9 Matrix Init: 9
Strength 2/6 Willpower: 4/6 Init Passes: 1/4
Active Skills:
Biotech Group 4/4 Logic Dodge 2/6 Reaction Specialization: Ranged Combat
Cybertechnology Longarms 2/6 Agility Specialization: Sniper Rifles
First Aid Gymnastics 2/6 Agility
Medicine Navigation 3/6 Intuition Specialization: Urban
Influence Group 4/4 Charisma Perception 5/6 Intuition
Con Running 2/6 Strength Specialization: Urban
Etiquette Forgery 2/6 Agility Specialization: False ID
Leadership Artisan 2/6 Intuition
Knowledge Skills:
History 2/6 5/6 English N 5/6
Literature 1/6 5/6 French 4/6 5/6
Biology 2/6 5/6 Japanese 4/6 5/6
Chemistry 2/6 5/6 Specialization: Pharmaceuticals Arabic 3/6 5/6
Business 2/6 5/6 Chinese 3/6 5/6
Wines 1/6 5/6 German 3/6 5/6
Opera 1/6 5/6 Hindi 3/6 5/6
Trading Cards 1/6 5/6 Spanish 3/6 5/6
Elvish 1/6 5/6
First Impression +2 on Social Test on first meeting
Guts +2 on test to resist all types of Fear and Intimidation
Linguist Halves learning time for languages and all language skills have +2
Photographic Memory -1 on Memory Test Threshold
Bad Luck Roll 1D6 on Edge Tests; if a 1 is rolled opposite of what is wanted happens
Sensitive System Double Essence cost for cyberwares


Name: Loyalty: Connections:
Mr. Johnson 4/6 5/6
Fencer 2/6 4/6
Bartender 1/6 2/6
Arms Dealer 4/6 3/6
Boss Slitch 6/6 4/6
Fixer 2/6 2/6

Seattle is the bread and bone of my life, I’ve been here for the ever ever. I all started out in the middle, ever heard of “Kivi”, it means the pit in one of those languages I haven’t gotten around to just yet. For all you good samaritans out there, it’s one of them Joyvilles. Fairly high class too, we even had some Trolls for the big boys or girls depending on your flavor. Oh we even had a runaway Joytoy working for a while til her owner came a knocking. Me, though, I might have been born there or I might have been dragged in, don’t know and don’t care. My life-giver probably lived there, hell her life-giver probably lived there; no one kept track of who belonged to whom at Kivi. As per the Genetic Material who helped out my life-giver that’s something I’ll never learn and again I don’t care.

Right a little background for those who haven’t ever grown up in a Joyville, there is a Boss Slitch and you do what the Boss Slitch tells you to do. Mine was called Boss Slitch Sunshine but don’t be fooled she wasn’t made of sunshine. Still I could have done worse Sunshine wasn’t a woman that you messed with; she’d take your business parts if you tried to stiff the bill. Sunshine says there are four level of life in a Joyville and you know what I agree with her. Firstly you’re a “Freeloader” too young to work so you get corralled in the back with the other Freeloaders that lasts for about three or four years. Then when you can work but not make money you’re “Less Useless”. So you clean and play fetch for all the Joyboys and girls and you get as much school as you need to know when you’re being stiffed. Next when you’re old enough to make money then you get to be “The Help”. It’s a lot like being Less Useless but you work in the front of house taking hats and serving the drinks. That phase only lasts until a Johnny-Boy asks how much…that never takes long and finally you’re an “Asset” you make money for the biz. Getting out of The Help phase took longer in Kivi that it did in most Joyvilles, Sunshine had a complicated formula of how young you were mixed with how pretty you were and since she was Sunshine how much you cried when the Johnny-Boy asked. I was considered an Asset at 12 who wouldn’t pay for a sexy little redhead elf as innocent as newborn freeloader. Don’t fool yourself it cost a mint to get your hands on me back then, I knew just when to turn on the waterworks to jack up the price. Sunshine loved me, she said I knew how to play the game, some days she wished she knew who popped me out she’d pay her for another.

Even without the schooling, my problem is that I’m too smart; they always said “Lolly if half of those brains of yours could turn into boobs you’d never stand up straight.” Lolly Pop was what Sunshine called me until I got old enough for a real name, then I was Shangri-La cause I was paradise. It was a good name especially since the Boss Slitch gets to name all the girls and boys, you piss her off and you’re stuck with something bad for the ever ever. I made the big Nuyen in Kivi cause since I was smart I learned. The Foreign Johnny-Boys would always pay that little extra for the Joygirl who could speak in their language. So learned plenty while there, I have a gift for it. Learned about how to act as well, I learned it all from those books you can get free on the matrix. When I hit the big 2-0 thought I figured I was smart enough I didn’t need the Joyville to make the big Nuyen. And ya know what? I am smart cause I was right. No more splitting the Nuyen it was all mine and I did smart things with it. I kept in good with Sunshine though, sent good Johnny-Boys her way when I had too many clients. Stopped in with bits and bobs for the young ones even taught a class on how to fake them tears. My life had hit the big time I had my own apartment and a full day planner, it was the Easy Street for me.

The problems started when I met Laurent LaRue, the problem being he was a Johnny-Boy but he didn’t really want the goods. He wanted the company. Now most Joygirls would be jazzed to get the Nuyen and not have to do the deed but it put me off my game. Why the hell would anyone want MY company outside of the bedsheets? He was one of the older Johnny-Boys too, normally they are the worst. Laurent, though, he said his days of jacking in where behind him but he still needed the company. We went to the Opera, and then one time he took me to a real big shindig and Laurent even shelled out the Nuyen for swanky Commlink so he could get in contact with only me. It was actually a pretty nice arrangement in the long run nothing like a Friday night of snuggling on the couch watching the latest trideo and snacking on a home cooked meal. That’s right the man could cook. Finally I did a little digging on Laurent knowing he had to have those skeletons but here’s the thing in the end it didn’t matter when I learned about his work. My problem is I’m too smart and even being smart enough to know it’s a bad idea I did a Heel Flip for the Johnny. It didn’t take long for me to leave the Joy Biz and trade up for a wedding ring.

He knew what I was and I knew what he was and that made us Dr. Laurent & Lolly LaRue, I liked it. We lived in a nice house and went to all the right parties; I was living in the good life for the first time. I ain’t just talking about the rich life either I was walking the line. Sunshine even gave me her blessing saying “If you’re too stupid to stay out of love you’re too stupid to be working”. I worked as Laurent’s assistant and he was in the biz of ripped people up and then sewing them back together. He taught me a little something something about how to do that, I’m too smart so I caught on real quick. Then he taught me a little something something about how to live as a person and we even talked about having our own little freeloaders. I was in Bliss for those years but Bliss just ain’t meant to last. I got this real bad luck in the important things. Seems Laurent patched up the wrong guy one day and the Megacorps didn’t like it. So one night I know something is up cause it ain’t right sleeping and wouldn’t ya know it that’s cause I’m sleeping curled up with a corpse. Nice little hole right in the middle of his head and no warmth left in the meat. I’m back on the Single Train. I’ve got my ear to the ground for the gonk that decide to send my Johnny-Boy to an early grave and when I find him I know these Trog Gangbangers who owe me. They own me big time, they owe me a week’s worth of work at least with the gonk. Then maybe if he asks real pretty I’ll let Walter take a point blank. I kept the name though, if all I get to keep is the LaRue then it’s mine and anyone who says otherwise can say it to the barrel of my Walter, might even let them finish saying it before I pull the trigger.

Eventually I fell back out of the bright and shiny and started up a small company with a few blokes. I’m still World-Class in the looks and all my time in Joyville taught me all about the different Johnny-Boys of the world. Plus with my doctoring I’m still an Asset, just a different kind now. Oh and then that company of mine added in a few more blokes and I’ve got a nice plush office in the back of the workshop. In the end Lolly LaRue wasn’t meant for the straight and narrow she gets to be the light in the shadows. That’s fine with me as no one could ever shine as I do.

Lolly LaRue

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