Tanarukk 'Rukk' Jones

Mr. All-Go-No-Quit-Big-Nuts Harry Stamper.


Tanarukk – 36

Tanarukk grew up on the streets just like all the rest of us. One of the fortunate SINner orks he joined Lone Star in Seattle as soon as they’d let him in. After 15 years of chasing down the ‘bad guys’ Rukk’s SIN was hacked in 2064 and he was forced to retire. Before the ‘ReSINning’ period Rukk learned to live as a ‘Runner and decided he liked it better than killing for ’the man’. So for the past few years he’s been putting his cyberwear, stealth, and weapons training to good use doing ‘special assignments’ for the local organized crime bosses. The only downside to having Rukk around is he has a bad tendancy to do crazy shit for no reason other than the thrill of doing it.

A quote from a former coworker;

“So me and Rukk just finished a job on the 40th story of a local hotel and instead of taking the elevator like normal hitters, he said ‘Get the sheets of the bed and get the rope out of your bag. This is going to be fun.’ as he turned and shot out the window with his T-250.”

“Yea, I listened and now I have cyberlegs.”

Tanarukk 'Rukk' Jones

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