Trillian Vega

The Hottest New Trid Star Going


A stunning blonde Trillian is the life of the party and usually the center of attention in any room she enters. Her beauty conceals a sharp wit and a keen business sense that has allowed her to thrive in the entertainment business.


Trillian Vega was born Maria Largos, the only daughter of Marcous Largos a very wealthy industrialist. During her teenage years she got involved with a member of the Ancients. She was a bored socialite and it truly pissed off her father, which was her intent. In the process of playing bad little bored rich girl, she actually became enamored with him and eventually feel in love with him. He in turn fell in love with her and they were inseparable for a time.

After a dust up with some members of the Cutters she ran into trouble with the law and her father had to bail her out. He shipped her back east to attend Harvard where she earned degrees in English and Theatre. She and her Elf have stayed in touch through the years. They have seen each other in secret from time to time.

She had a talent for acting and with a little help from her father she landed some small commercial work and eventually some small parts in medium to high budget films. Her talent and professionalism led to her first starring role in Vixen.

Trillian Vega

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