A Birthday Party 2

Little Bears Make Ammends

After about 30 minutes, Lolly looks up to see a bear come floating down holding balloons. He walks up and hands Lolly a small box. When she opens it up there is a credit stick with 100,000 Nuyen registered on it. As she is looking at it a second bear walks, throws confetti into the air and the credit stick increases to 200,000 Nuyen. This happens 43 more time over the next hour with the credit stick finally showing 4,500,000 Nuyen. This causes Lolly to put the pieces together and see that Pork Chop was behind failure in the mission.

Sho’nuff and Some Party Crashers

Shonuff As the bears finish up, two huge flower arrangements are delivered to the room. They are brought in by a Troll, and a tall man dressed as an 80s movie icon. As they are setting down the flowers, the skylight shatters and 6 ropes come down into the room. 6 figures clad in black start down the ropes only to be met by 45 bears gunning them down.

The party goers and the group breathed a sigh as Rukk approaches the downed figures. Before he can react one is up and knocks him back to the door. One of the bears grabs the ninja and explodes sending cyborg ninja and robot bear parts all over the room. The other five ninja get to their fight and begin to move around the room.

Die You Four Armed Freaks!!!

As the ninja get to their feet, they draw swords and extend two extra arms. Two of the ninja move forward towards Rukk, while the other three begin to move to neutralize the bears. As Rukk tries to shoot them with his shotgun, the ninja dodge the blasts and one lands a kick on Rukk sending him flying out the door into up against the railing. Meanwhile the troll and his partner run down to their van to retrieve their weapons and Lolly moves to raid the gun check grabbing a sniper rifle and several random guns.

Rukk is shooting back into the room as two of the ninja hang from the door frame, one of them blasting him into the shoulder. As the ninja drops to the floor and starts moving toward Rukk, Lolly gets back to the top of the stairs and drills the ninja in the head. The flower deliver guys return ready for combat and start negotiating with Lolly while Rukk is being shot at. Meanwhile the bears manage to cut the legs off of one of the ninja while the other two cut down a large number of the bears.

After reaching a price, the flower guys move in and destroy two of the robots, while Lolly finished off the legless ninja. In the confusion one of the ninja managed to escape. While Lolly tended to Rukk’s injuries the rest of the group took stock of the situation. Of the 45 bears only 5 survived and everyone made it through more or less unscathed. Lolly and the flower guys came to an agreement and they joined the company. While all this was going on, Rukk got a message.

A Blast From the Past

Rukk gets a message from a man from his past saying he has information about the man he has been looking for. Rukk leaves the party and heads to the subway station and takes step to make sure he is not followed. He makes it to the subway and onto the train just ahead of Lolly and Frexel. As the train pulls out of the station, he makes his way to the fourth car which is empty except for a gentelman in a purple coat.

Rukk sits down across from the gentelman and they begin a quick conversation. He gives Rukk two pictures. One is of Helen Magnus and the other is of a tall Jamaican man. He tells Rukk that he represents individuals that want to keep Helen alive. The man in the picture is The Viper, a mythical assassin that only takes high risk, high dollar jobs. He tells Rukk that The Viper’s name is Charles Montego and that he will be arriving in town within the next 48 hours to complete the assignment. He also tells Rukk that Montego is responsible for a job several years ago that killed a doctor and removed Rukk’s eyes.

Rukk tells him that they will look into it and that the information is payment enough. The man gets up and leaves a few minutes before the train arrives at the station. Rukk gets off the train and calls Lolly and tells her that he will meet here back at the office.

A Birthday Party 2

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