Assassination Blues 2

May 8th 2072

The group gets a hotel room across from Il Terrazzo Camine and setups Rukk, Zach and Frexel to watch for others. Gun disguises himself as a homeless person walking the street. Ella arrives at the restaurant a little ahead of the meeting and gets a table in the main dining room. Lolly and Simon arrive at the restaurant for their meeting and are shown to one of the private dining rooms.

After introducing themselves and telling Georgianna that they received her letter from Mr. Johnson, she invites them to sit down. She tells them that she believes someone in her company is trying to kill her. So far there was a bomb in a car that detonated early, a sniper that tried to get her as she left a hotel, and cyber-snake that used Prometheus technology left in her office. She offers the group 1,000,000 Nuyen to find out who is trying to kill her and stop them. After finishing diner the group agrees to accept the mission.

During diner, two black SUVs pull into the parking lot and back into two spaces. A man gets out and then opens the door on a limousine that arrives a few moments later. Two people get out and head into the restaurant, and then he returns to the vehicle. Frexel gets the car and goes to pick up Lolly and Simon. As Frexel pulls up to the door of the restaurant, one of the black SUVs rams the car, breaking the rear tire of the axle, and then the men get out and surround Frexel.

Everyone springs into action, Zach jumps down from the sixith floor, while Gun moves into the parking lot and simon exits the restaurant. Lolly and Ella trade places and Lolly manages to get the waiters phone number. The group dispatches the men managing to capture one, and Rukk chases after the SUV firing several rounds with tracking tags from Walter, but he left the case in the hotel room. Lolly sends the group home and goes to retrieve the rifle case and decides to spend the night in the hotel room. After deciding she doesn’t want to be alone she calls the waiter he comes to join her.

Rukk and the rest of the group follow the tracking signal and find one dead guy and the SUV in flames. They head back to the office. Rukk is worried about Lolly and calls her, but does not get an answer. Rukk and Frexel decide to go to the hotel and make sure she is alright. They get to the hotel, and just as they are about to break open the door, they realize she is doing very well and decide to head back to the office.

May 9th 2072

Lolly returns to the office the following morning and they get ready to intorgate the man they captured. Lolly tries the nice approach which does not work, and then they try the mean approach which does not work, and out of frustration Rukk kills him. Lolly gives him what for. In the afternoon the group gets the information from Georgianna that they have been waiting for, and come up with a plan to infiltrate three people into the company. Freddie will investigate Elisa Redman, VP of Sales and Marketing, Frexel invistigate Tony Smith, VP of Research and Development and Ella will investigate Eric Lenora, head of Security.

While the group is digging into the backgrounds of the people they are investigating, Simon hits up some of the Runner hangouts and learns that Huns, a local go gang that is trying to make a name for themselves. Simon and Zach head to the Hun’s hangout and meet with Barnabus. He tells Simon that they hired the Watchmaker to make the bomb that failed to kill Georgianna. They are no looking for him. Simon gets them to agree to pay for finding the Watchmaker, Barnbus warns them about the pieces that they have gotten back from the last three that went looking for him.

Everyone has a successful first day on he job, while Freddie manages to seduce the VP of Sales and get closer to her. While the group is starting their investigation, Lolly calls Dorsan to setup a meeting with Barnabus. That evening the group heads to the meeting with Barnabus. Lolly setups on the roof while Rukk and Gun go in to meet with Barnabus. They discuss the job, and find out that the Huns were hired by a Johnson for 5,000,000 Nyuen, but after the failure the contract was pulled. Barnabus agrees to setup a meeting with the Johnson in exchange for half the fee if they get and complete the contract.

As the group leaves the bar, Lolly hears someone behind her and turns around to see a man standing behind her with a gun. They have a conversation about Lolly’s team abandoning their current job. They have a quick conversation and he turns to leave. Rukk cannot hold his temper and kills him causing him to fall off the roof.

May 10th 2072

Having seen their issue with a lack of explosive knowledge, Lolly reaches out to her contacts to hire a demolition expert. She acquires the services of Hasim an expert demolitionist with a shadowy background. She checks out his references and offers him the position on a temporary basis. He accepts and moves into the office. He and Rukk have an immedaite run in, that leads to Rukk meeting Betty and being covered in red paint.

Barnabus manages to arrange a meeting at a local Rave with the Johnson. Lolly, Rukk, Frexel and Zach head to the Rave for the meeting with the Johnson. They get to the Rave, and after getting inside see Johnson holding court in the upper level of the warehouse. They approach and have a brief conversation with “security” before Lolly sits down with Johnson.

They discuss the situation with the contract and Johnson informs Lolly that it is now an open contract. The only criteria for collecting the money, is she must be killed, it must be public, and they must provide proof to Johnson to get paid. Lolly thanks him for the information and while sitting on his lap manages to place a stealth tag on his clothes. The group leaves with the information and heads back to the office to plan their next steps.

May 11th 2072

The day is going to be a complicated one as they must protect Georgianna who is attending meetings at a PR firm that day and also follow the Johnson to see if they can learn who is behind the contract. Early that morning Rukk and Frexel follow the Johnson using Lolly’s stealth tag and find him at the local office for Aries Heavy Industries. He spends most of the day there and as he exits he looks like a suit. The group infers that he works for Aries, so they decide going after him could have troubling health consequences.

Knowing that they have to manage Georgianna’s protection while she is out today, the group decides to intercept her limo, fake her death and see if they can draw out the attacker. To accomplish this they are going to disable some of the limos, delay the departing limo and show up with a fake limo that they will then detonate after she is seen getting inside.

Frexel finds a limo that the group could quickly fix up in a local junkyard. The group gets the limo looking good on the outside, and rigs it up to be towed by one of Pork Chops drones. Hasim fixes up the trunk with appropriate explosives for the job while Frexel rigs a trap door that they can use to exit the car before they blow it up. While this work is going on, Lolly, Rukk, Zach and Pork Chop survail the area to determine where to intercept the limo. When they are finished they send Zach to disable all the limos except the one that is being used.

Early in the afternoon, Freedie goes into the building to wait for Georgianna to finish with her meetings. Lolly sets up her broken down car to delay the limo driver. Rukk sets up to watch the building accross the street. As the limo approaches, Frexel and Pork Chop get the fake limo in position. Lolly sees the limo approaching and tries to flag him down, but just as it appears that the car is going to stop she sees the car accelerate away. Frexel intercepts communication from the driver that he is not in control of the vehicle. Fortunately a truck stops to help and Lolly is able to make a deal for them to stop the limo. She agrees to an evening with the guys if they can stop the limo. About a block from the PR office, they catch up to the limo and are able to cause it to crash.

While all of this is going on Rukk, sees a flash of light coming from the sixith floor of the building across the street. He decides to go and investigate, and finds that the floor is empty according to the building directory. He uses the elevator to get to the sixth floor and as he stepped out, he saw that the floor was empty. Investigating further he finds a scope setup on a pivot arm that can position it to catch the afternoon sun. Seeing this he turns and runs for the stairs, diving through the door as the sixth floor explodes. Rukk manages to get out and back across the street before the police arrived. Seeing what happened Frexel moves the limo so it is not seen by the police.

Rukk enters the building and heads to where the meeting is taking place. Moments later Zach and Lolly arrive and make their way into the building. Lolly sets up a sniper position looking for a shooter in the building across the street, while Zach and Freddie move Georgianna to an internal conference room. Rukk gets Freddie to disguise him as Georgianna and he moves to an open window and is shot. Lolly seeing where the shot came from quickly lined up and fired. She missed by only a few inches, the sniper sent a round in return that missed her by even less. When she tried to reacquire him he was gone. Meanwhile Rukk radioed Pork Chop to bring a drone around to evacuate Georgianna.

Georgianna, obviously nervous, agrees to get into the drone and Pork Chop starts to fly her to safety when he is attacked by three other drones. Doing his best to lose them, he is ultimately unable to and all three of his drones are shot down. He picks up communications among the drone controls in Arabic. Georgianna ultimately dies of her injuries at the hospital. Neo Hezballoh claims responsability for the attack and the news media runs with it.
After talking with her Johnson, Lolly learns that he was not going to have them take the mission and that Georgianna was staging the attempt since the company was losing money and the latest product was not actually successful. She was hoping to depress the stock price and sell the company, before anyone found out. The group then seeks out those that knew and took care of business.

Members in the group feel like something is not right. Rukk asks Frexel and Pork Chop to check up on Hasiam and see if he had any contact with Arab groups. Frexel tells Rukk that the only communication he can find is between him and members of the group. Pork Chop reports that there is evidence that he had conversation with several people in the Middle East. This causes Rukk to become even more suspicious. Lolly comes across this investigation, and Rukk and Frexel quickly tell her that they were planning her surprise birthday party. She does not believe them, but she has nothing else to go on, so she lets it go.

Assassination Blues 2

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