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May 16th 2072

Aries Hevay Industries today announces that they have come to terms with Promethus Genomics to acquire the company in a stock and cash deal. They have said that Promethus’s portfolio of products and patents will allow them to grow current markets and exploit new emerging markets. Promethus was headed until only a few days ago by company founder Gergianna St Martin, who died in a tragic accident in Seattle. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but it is expected to value Promethus at approximately 300 billion Nuyen.

May 10th 2072

Il Terrazzo Camine announces they have hired the Baruke Brothers to be door security. The Trolls were previously the door guards at Club Trinity. The owner said “I believe they will enhance the security of our patrons and I look forward to working with them.”

May 9th 2072

A shoot out in the DMZ leaves one man dead and police looking for an Orc seen on the roof the man fell from. Knight Errant Drones captured footage of a gun fight between an Orc and a human on a roof top in the DMZ. The man has been identified as Dominic Parfan, the son of council woman Parfan. A 100,000 Nuyen reward has been offered for information leading to the Orc’s arrest.

May 8th 2072

Tonight shots were fired outside Il Terrazzo Carmine. Authorities believe it was related to an accident in the parking lot. Witnesses report several people involved and the SUV involved in the accident was stolen. Knight Errant is asking anyone with informaion to contact the Crime Stopper line. A spokesman for Il Terrazzo Carmine said the resturant would be closed on Monday to fix some minor damage in the walls.

On the social scene, the Make a Wish benefit was a stunning success. Freddie was one of the highlights and his act really brought the house down. In other news Amelia Farrend’s benifit rasied over 1 Million Nuyen for Seattle Outreach.

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Daily News

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