Missing Vixen

8:00 PM

Lolly, Rukk and Michael Graves arrive at Trinty, attracting attention from the block and a half line waiting to get in. Arriving at the club entrance, Lolly creates a bit of a scene as she exits the car, and results in a few faces being slapped by jealous girlfriends, but the guys should really learn to be subtler, or at least not drool.

Earlier in the evening Freddie used his talents to get Shaman Bond and he into the club early to setup surveillance and be in place in case the meeting went south. Freddie attracted a few women, but Shaman Bond managed to stay concealed in the crowd.

Back at the front door, Lolly received a card to the VIP rooms from one of the Troll Doormen. As she and her companions made their way to the VIP rooms, Zatoichi maintained surveillance from his bear drone that was masquerading as Lolly’s purse/backpack. (Imagine a Red Head J-Pop Elf girl, with a Teddy Bear Backpack and you get the idea of the scene). The concierge directed her to VIP room #2, as they entered the room they were cut off from their associates.

As the door closed, a good looking gentleman introduced himself as Wilson Envoron an executive with Horizon, the parent corp of Pathfinder Multimedia. He offers her a seat and asks if anyone would like drinks. After they are done with the orders, a woman steps out of the shadows that no one in the group saw until that moment.

Fearing the worst, Freddie thinks quickly and intercepts the drinks that are being taken up to the VIP room. He disguises himself as a waiter and enters the room to check on his friends. After seeing that they are okay, he leaves the room and lets the rest of the team know that everything is okay.

Wilson, tells Lolly the rumors of Trillian being kidnaped are true, and that he would like to hire her and her team to recover Trillian. They believe that Amalgamated Studios is responsible for the disappearance in an attempt to recruit Trillian, or at the very least embarrass Pathfinder at the premier. He offers 150,000 nuyen for the job, but it must be completed in 96 hours. After talking over some of the particulars, Lolly accepts the job.

April 26th 2072

8:00 AM

After getting back from the club and meeting most of the night, the group decided on how they would proceed. The group decided to investigate the hotel where Trillian was staying, some Corp bars and Shadowrunner hangouts.

The Data Search

Frexel performs a search of the hotel systems, the traffic systems around the hotel and general data search for information on Trillian Vega.

The hotel surveillance system recorded a clown at the entrance to the Penthouse at the time of the abduction. The traffic cameras and the external cameras do not show anyone leaving the hotel with her, or what vehicle they left in.

The general data search turns up some interesting information on Trillian. It turns out her real name is Maria Largos and she is the only daughter of Marcous Largos, a very wealthy industrialist. He is also able to uncover the fact that she was involved with a member of the Ancients and had a run in with the law when she was 16.

10:00 AM

The Alexis Hotel

Rukk, Shaman Bond, Gun and Freddie investigate the scene of the crime. They make their way to the penthouse where Trillian was staying to see if they can find any clues. After having Frexel get the access to the elevator, they arrive at the penthouse where they see of the outline of the two guards in the entryway. They then go over the room determing that Trillian was taken without a struggle. Whoever they were they hit fast and were very clean, truly the mark of professionals.

After finishing with the room, the group decides to investigate the rest of the hotel to see if anyone saw something or found anything that could help. After asking around they find out that the afternoon Doorman called in today. His name is Brandon Smith and he has worked for the hotel for six years.

After finishing the investigation at the hotel, the group confers by commlink and decides to take several avenues to see what they may be able to find. Lolly, Rukk, Kelly and Freddie are going to check out the corp bars and see if they can dig up any ties to Amalgamated Studios. Gun and Shaman Bond are going to investigate Brandon Smith to see what he knows and then check out some of the runner bars to see if anyone is talking.

2:00 PM

Brandon Smith’s Place

Shaman Bond and Gun make their way to Brandon’s place in okay area of town. They decide to approach the door and pretend to be pizza deliver. Trying to get Brandon to open the door does not work as he is too nervous and did not order a pizza, so Gun busts the door down. Through a combination of physical threats and intimidation, they find out that he saw two men leave with Trillian and he describes tattoos that point the characters in the direction of the Cutters, a top tier gang in Seattle that has a reputation for being professional and lethal. They knock out Brandon and put him bed and leave the place looking like he got drunk. Pork Chop makes sure he is pumped full of enough drugs that he will sleep for a day at least. To learn more about Brandon’s fate checkout the Daily Screemsheets.

6:00 PM

Runner Bars

Gun and Shaman Bond spend a good bit of the evening poking around several runner bars. They don’t learn much about the kidnapping or who might have pulled it off, but they do learn about Dorsan X, an information broker that knows about the gang scene in the city. He can be found at Alki Tavern .

8:00 PM

A Little Bear Has A Bad Night

Lolly works a couple of the corp bars, before overhearing a conversation between two guys about Trillian. The one, an obvious Elf hater, is talking about how in high school she dated an Elf instead of him. His language and tone makes it clear that he is not happy about that fact. Pork Chops bear keeps an eye on things in the club, having to quickly play at being a spam bot when a table spots him.

Lolly approachs the table and the Elf hater moves to the bar. After a few minutes conversation with the gentleman at the table, Lolly approaches the guy at the bar. He turns out to not only be an Elf hater, but pretty handy with a gun as he puts a hole through the Teddy Bear’s head, but as always Lolly gets the information she needs.

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Missing Vixen

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