Pork Chop's Journal


Well, it has been a very busy couple of days. The party was a success, especially considering the surprise entertainment. I’m sure I have Rukk to thank for scheduling that…he always seems to attract that sort of response. Hmmm, maybe it’s his aftershave, who knows? Anyway, we all made it out of there with minimal damage…except for the bears, of course. Dammit! I had just finished the mods of those guys too. Well, the silver lining is that the feed from that firefight has inspired me. While my little kawai bears have more than earned their keep on several occasions, I think I need to follow through with a project I have had on the back burner ever since Deus took over the Arc.

Pulling out some old research and notes tonight. Calling Kamino to have her get the process started. Gonna put out some feelers to get an idea for options.


OK, I’ve got an idea of which way I’d like to go. Got some good info from reliable contacts, and some down and dirty performance reviews on the top platforms. The Mitsuhama models look like they fit our needs best. Of course, I have a couple thoughts on some key mods that should help with overall performance. Kam says process is going along very well; synaptic growth and response is above 90th percentile of all of her projects. The adaptation to the CCU indicates no significant difficulties in adjustment. Initial VR training is progressing well; integration appears to be developing at a good pace.

Well, some interesting developments today as I was working with P7 on integration exercises. In addition to continuing to refer to me as “father”, he (P7 is also insistent that a masculine pronoun be used when referring to him) asked why I had not given him a “real” name. I guess I need to think of a new designation for him, as he became very irate when I continued to refer to him as P7.

Ack! Now I know why people always have that hint of lunacy in their eyes when they talk about the ‘joys’ of parenthood. P.A.U.L. (an acronym for Prototype Augmented Utilitarian Lifeform) has started to spread his wings and has had his first interactions with the outside world. I think he may be getting too much exposure to old TV entertainment media, particularly the family sitcom/drama genres, as he has already assigned family roles to a good number of the group. In addition to continuing to refer to me as “father”, he now refers to Lolly as “mother” and Rukk as “brother”. While this sort of personality exploration/growth can be beneficial in improving his interpersonal skills, I am unsure of the direction it may take in the future. Rukk is already visibly disturbed by the fact that his “brother” is assisting Lolly with cyber-surgery and that P.A.U.L. has taken it upon himself to “improve” some of my drones.

Pork Chop's Journal

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