The Precipice of Fate

A Birthday Party

Friday May 13th 2072

There really is a party

At 6:30 in the evening Rukk enters Lolly’s office and tells her that there is some place that they need to be. Lolly is a little skeptical, since she usually handles the bookings for the group, but then realizes the supposed birthday party must be happening so she plays along. When she gets outside to the car, she sees a bright candy apple red car waiting. Looking at Frexel and Rukk she asks if she needs to change for the “meeting”. After a quick consultation they tell she needs to dress for a club.

An hour later she reappears dressed to match the car. They head out to meet up with Freddie at Club Trinity, where they have booked the entire VIP area for the party. Arriving at the club, Lolly is surprised that the doormen recognize Rukk and ushers them inside. She is even more shocked when they approach the VIP area and girl there says “Good evening sir. Please go right in. Everything is ready,” to Rukk.

Rukk opens the doors and he, Frexel and Lolly walk into to an empty room. After about 30 minutes Rukk begins to sweat, when people pop out of hiding and yell “Suprise!” Causing Rukk to finally start breathing again.




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