The Precipice of Fate

A Reckoning

Saturday May 14th 2072

An Accounting

Rukk gets back to the office and has Frexel turn off the audio and video monitoring in Lolly’s office. He walks in and drops a file that he has being working on for several years onto her desk. It contains all the information he has acquired on Montego and Laurent’s assassination. He tells Lolly that he was hired to perform the assassination, but he declined the job and told the Johnson not to give it to anyone else. The Johnson called in the Viper who succeeded on the mission, but missed Lolly due to Rukk’s intervention.

Rukk explains everything to Lolly and how The Viper removed his eyes with a spoon and told him if he ever came after him he would finish the job. He laid out the information he just received and told Lolly they would have an opportunity to get revenge. Lolly takes everything in and then fires off a round that misses Rukk by inches. She tells him that if he ever keeps this sort of information from her again she won’t miss.




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