The Precipice of Fate

Assassination Blues

May 7th 2072

Lolly gets a message from Mr. Johnson asking her to meet him at club Kiku. She agrees to meet him at 8:00 pm that evening. As she approaches the table, she notices he looks a little odd. She sits down across from him and notices a red spot on his shoulder. He leans forward, handing her a folded piece of paper and says “I am sorry,” as he passes out.

The letter is from Georgianna, and is asking for help. She wants to meet him at Il Terrazzo Camine , a five star restaurant, Sunday evening at 8 PM. The group discusses the situation and does some research, but ultimately decides to follow the lead. Through the research they determine that they are going to be meeting Georgianna St Martin, the CEO of Prometheus Genomics.




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