Before the Crash of 64 Fred Axel was one of the biggest circuit drivers in the world. He was not always the most liked by people at the races but he was good; and that’s what mattered. Only months before The Crash some of the major coperations hired a couple ‘Runners to hit Axel’s family. He spent nearly all of his wealth finding the ‘Runners. After finding the men responsible Axel killed them in a fit of rage with a crowbar. After many nightmare filled nights of his family he vowed not to kill anyone ever again. Soon after that; The Crash erased Fred Axel from the face of the earth making him unable to drive in the big races ever again. Knowing he could never race again he became a ’Runner as a getaway driver and donned the name Frexel. He is known in the slums of Seattle as one of the craziest ’Runners because he carries no weapons and still looks for jobs. Even though he is known to have taken several bullets he still comes off with his noteworthy one-liners like ’Who needs a gun when you have a car?’ and ‘Dude, Really? Have you looked in the back?’. To which ‘Rukk responded, ’YEAH! Come get some!’ and later in the car with ’We’re all gonna die!!!’

When there is some down time Frexel boosts cars for some spare cash to finance his personal car mods. After meeting ’Rukk and doing some missions with him; Rukk introduced Frexel to Lolly. He was taken aback at first by how much she looked like his wife, Sheila. When asked if he wanted to help start a ’Running company he was very willing to join in. He soon designed the building of the ERM office with his personal garage underneath it. He has appointed himself as the driver for Lolly (and usually ’Rukk) because I do not trust anyone in the world to drive a car better than me.

Yes, I have told Lolly how much she looks like my late wife. No I do not try for any sort of relationship with her. No I do not shoot people due to my vow to my family unless being shot at and even then I will be trying to run them over because I don’t carry a gun.


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