The Precipice of Fate

And So It Begins
What had happened was...

April 23rd 2072

Rumors are circulating that Trillian Vega, Pathfinder Multimedia’s hottest new trid star has been kidnapped. She is in Seattle for the premier of her new movie, Vixen! . Vixen! represents her breakout role, and first movie as a leading lady. Word on the streets and the daily scream sheets is that she has been kidnapped from her penthouse hotel suite in attempt to undermine Pathfinder.

April 25th 2072

Lolly receives a call from a Mr. Johnson that the group has done business with in the past. He tells her that he has a corporate type that is in need of an item recovered if she is interested.

She tells him that of course the group is interested and so Johnson tells her to meet the corporate in the VIP room of Trinity, one of the hottest nightclubs in Seattle. This immeadiatly puts her on edge as this is not the place she usually meets perspective clients, but business is business so she decides to meet the corp.



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