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The Run Up

Using their contacts they find out that Hexel, a top weapon smith, has an order due in the next 48 hours. Rukk, Freddie and the Troll head to meet with Hexel. Rukk talked to him about a new rifle, while Freddie uses his abilities to distract Hexel, Rukk checks out the rifle that he is working on it. It is a late 90s Remington Model 700 with extensive customization for shooting long range. He decides that he can’t put a tracking tag on it, so after buying the assault rifle from Hexel, he and Freddie leave.

Lolly acquires and apartment across the street from the gun shop and sets up house keeping with Hasim. The outfit the apartment with furniture and then Lolly goes all domestic by baking cookies. They go out and meet the neighbors and a few of the shops around the area. She distracts Hexel for several minutes while Hasim plants explosives under the street. The day ends with everyone determining their stake out positions.

May 15th 2072

The Waiting

Lolly sets up a sniper position in the apartment and spends most of the day watching and waiting with Hasim. Rukk, Sho’nuff and Frexel are waiting in a cafe across the street and about a block down from the weapon shop. The Troll is waiting in a van a block around the corner. The group passes the time keeping each other entertained and trying not to fall asleep.


At sundown, a vehicle pulls up outside the tailor shop and tall Jamaican man gets out of the car. He goes into the shop and comes out about twenty minutes later with a package and places it in the trunk of the car. He then spends the next hours walking around the block stopping into the shops before settling down for a drink at the cafe. Rukk, Frexel and Sho’nuff wait nervously hoping he does not make them and abort the pickup. After finishing his drink and paying once the sun has completely set, he leaves the cafe and heads for the gun shop.

After about an hour inside, he emerges from the gun shop carrying a gun bag. When Lolly sees this, she takes aim and fires sending Montego back into the door. Before he can react, Rukk closes on him and unloads with his new assault rifle opening a large hole where is chest used to be. Sho’nuff moves in and removes his head from his shoulders to collect the money from Lolly. After a brief exchange with Hexel, Rukk pays for the damages and the group heads home for so much needed R&R.

A Reckoning Page 2

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